What is Health?

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020
“Health” comes from the Old English word “Hal” which means wholeness, soundness, or spiritual wellness.
The World Health Organization says “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
Cure on the other hand, refers to doing something (giving drugs or surgery) that alleviates a troublesome condition or disease. Healing does not equal cure. We can “cure” a condition without healing the person.
Healing would facilitate changes that reduce stress, improve diet, promote exercise and increase the person’s sense of community.
When we do this we improve the balance of health of the body that may result in the ability to discontinue a pharmaceutical agent and thereby reduce the need for the cure.
Look at tree A and B. There is clearly a difference. Tree A is in balance with its environment. If tree A breaks a limb we can...
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Little Red Riding Hood

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020
Little Red Riding Hood……
This seemed like an innocent bed time story to tell your children. I too thought it was innocent until I have discovered the subconscious work that is all around us.🧠
I’ve thought about this story for some time now and what does it display to our daughters. I have been hyper conscious of what is going into my own subconscious and even more conscious of what goes into my daughters subconscious. The subconscious mind is the most vulnerable from age 0-7 years old.
You see, the red cloak is a symbol for many things if you think about it. First the color red is meant for power, authority, anger, dominance, aggression. However, it can also mean love, passion, empowerment.
When you put a young girl in the story this will symbolize many things as well. Innocence, purity, adventure. What does it mean when a mother is entrusting her young daughter to go into the woods alone dressed in a red cape? It could mean that the...
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What are you doing to your subconscious?

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

What are you doing to your subconscious you may not be aware of? 

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Do you "have" or are you "with" disease?

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020
Do you “have” a disease or are you “with” your disease?🤷‍♀️
How do you handle your “dis-ease? When you say you have a disease you are taking ownership of that disease. With this type of wording you are not releasing your body and its intelligence nor your subconscious mind to take over and heal. You are telling your body that this is who I am and this is what state I will be in. Therefore you will never heal from a dis-ease if you ‘have’ a disease.
By changing this perception and wording to, “ I am with this disease”. It is sending your body a signal as if you are “walking with” and it is not who you are. Therefore by being ‘with” it, you are allowing your body and state of mind to say, “Ah, this is something that is with me and I am able to release it if we wish. But it is not me, I do not own it. If I give my body the tools, I can let go of it.”
Taking this opportunity...
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Where is your GPS taking you?

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020
Sometimes the universe can be gentle or slap you in the face.
I had a realization on the way to get my hair done today.
You see, I was going to a new place. Somewhere I’ve never been. So I enter the address into the GPS. And then I trust it will take me to my destination without fear it leading me astray.
This can also be true in how we pray when asking for things we want. We pray for the destination but many of us don’t trust we will be led to the end goal. We don’t believe we will receive what we are asking for.
Here then it’s the problem. By not believing you will receive it then you won’t. By praying and releasing it to God/universe and trusting you will receive and you expect it to come then it has already happened
Do you trust you will receive?
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Benefits of Co-Sleeping

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

Benefits of Co-Sleeping.

 I know many of you wouldn’t even think about co-sleeping with your children.  Perhaps you’ve been told its dangerous, or perhaps you think you will get better sleep without the child next to you.  And some don’t just because society tells them to do the opposite. 

 We have co-slept with our daughter for 6 years now.  And we will continue until she is ready and wants her own bed. But let me tell you why. 

 When we look to nature you will find that all parental animals sleep in a huddle with their children.  This establishes a connection with the tribe and also provides heat to the little ones.  It also ensures a little more safety for the children.  You see, animals protect their young.  Once they are born, they don’t put them in a separate cave to check on later once the mom has received plenty of sleep. 

 Human babies require a lot of attention, and they often...

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Nutrition Education: Adrographis

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2020

Andrographis is an amazing herb.  In this video find out how andrographis helps the immune system. 

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Nutrition Education: Adreset

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2020

Adrenal support is very important in today's society.  In this video you will learn how Adreset will help support your adrenals and in-depth information on each herb contained in the product.  

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"How To Go From Making $60,000 per Year to $1 Million

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020

I was working with a self sabotage client last week and she wanted to make at least 1 million dollars per year. So I had to explain to her that she was already completely capable of doing that in her present state, with very little changes what so ever. She then asked, "well, why am I only making $60,000 per year right now, when you say I'm capable of making a million? Where's the million then.....?"

I said, "the million is hidden under your TV watching, your smoking, your abusive exercise regime, your morning coffee, your nightly wine, your junk food, your chocolate, your bad time management, your procrastination and your low self worth, low self esteem and low self confidence." I continued......"you're knocking the million per year down to $60,000 yourself (every day) with your chronic self abuse and self attack because frankly you're simply too afraid of being judged by the underachievers who surround you...when you blossom into your authentic, sovereign and super powerful self....

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Benefits of Grapefruit

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2020

My daughter actually loves grapefruit.  How many of you have children that enjoy grapefruit? 

There are some really great benefits of grapefruit that are actually proven with science. 

The first is that it is low calorie. So if you are on a "die-it" then this would be a great snack to have.  Its actually one of the lowest calorie but high nutrient dense foods out there.  Not only is it high in antioxidants but it contains 15 beneficial vitamins and minerals. 

It can also curb your appetite, which makes you eat less foods.  Thus helping you lose weight. It contains about 4 grams of fiber per medium sized grapefruit.  Fiber fills you up and is excellent for digestion. 

In a controlled study performed with 91 obese participants found that those that consumed grapefruit daily lost on average 3.5 lbs over 12 weeks compared to only 1 lbs lost in those that did not consume grapefruit. (1

Because of the high whole food vitamin C contained...

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