There are a lot of companies out there that claim to be great.  But who do you trust? 

We spend most of our day researching and trying different companies and products.  Because we want to know the truth.  Through this research we are able to recommend safe companies that truly are what they say.  The companies listed below are ones that we personally trust and recommend. 

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Pomifera Skin Care

Simple. Honest. Humble.

Force of Nature
with simple ingredients

Three all natural ingredients combined with chemistry to make a powerful non-toxic cleaner as powerful as bleach without the harmful toxins. 

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Plant Based cleaners and Essential Oils

Essential oils and plants have been shown to have powerful effects on health and wellness.  I take my essential oils very seriously and only trust the highest quality. 

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Reishi Coffee and Products

Reishi is a powerful immune booster and has been named a treasure for royalty.  With over 3,200 peer reviewed studies showing its benefits, I choose to consume it in drinkable beverages every day. 

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