Where is your GPS taking you?

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020
Sometimes the universe can be gentle or slap you in the face.
I had a realization on the way to get my hair done today.
You see, I was going to a new place. Somewhere I’ve never been. So I enter the address into the GPS. And then I trust it will take me to my destination without fear it leading me astray.
This can also be true in how we pray when asking for things we want. We pray for the destination but many of us don’t trust we will be led to the end goal. We don’t believe we will receive what we are asking for.
Here then it’s the problem. By not believing you will receive it then you won’t. By praying and releasing it to God/universe and trusting you will receive and you expect it to come then it has already happened
Do you trust you will receive?

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