You've spent thousands trying to find answers. 

You feel like no one is listening.  

You've tried everything..

We know, we've been there too.  

Tiffany Roberts

I know how frustrating it can be to seek out help from the medical field and be told there is nothing wrong with you.  It makes you feel alone and even like you are crazy.  I too sought out answers from physicians with no luck. I experienced migraines for no reason, stomach aches, anxiety, depression and general fatigue.  This led me to doing my own research.  What I found along the way was absolutely transformational.  

Amazing mentors along the way showed me that I have a passion for herbs and natural remedies.  I was able to obtain my certification with Acupuncture, my certification in Functional Medicine and I have obtained a Master's in Nutrition and I am currently working on my PhD with Quantum University.  

Like you, I was not satisfied with the lack of answers I was provided in the medical community and knew God had the answer.  By researching and discovering the answers I have rid myself of all ailments and now I am a happily married and a mother of a beautiful daughter.  You too can find the answers you are seeking.  

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