"How To Go From Making $60,000 per Year to $1 Million

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020

I was working with a self sabotage client last week and she wanted to make at least 1 million dollars per year. So I had to explain to her that she was already completely capable of doing that in her present state, with very little changes what so ever. She then asked, "well, why am I only making $60,000 per year right now, when you say I'm capable of making a million? Where's the million then.....?"

I said, "the million is hidden under your TV watching, your smoking, your abusive exercise regime, your morning coffee, your nightly wine, your junk food, your chocolate, your bad time management, your procrastination and your low self worth, low self esteem and low self confidence." I continued......"you're knocking the million per year down to $60,000 yourself (every day) with your chronic self abuse and self attack because frankly you're simply too afraid of being judged by the underachievers who surround you...when you blossom into your authentic, sovereign and super powerful self. When you're ready to stop hurting yourself and when you develop enough courage to rise up above the societal average (which is set extremely low on purpose) then your million dollars per year will appear in no time flat. You don't need another book, another on line program, another guru or to go back to school. The answer is you, not them. The answer is inside, not outside. It's your responsibility, not someone else's. Stop getting in your own way. It's about you being ready to let your natural power shine through ALL OF IT..........and then it happens naturally, like a hot air balloon rising into the air. It happens without any effort what so ever. Stop hurting yourself, stop wasting your time, stop repeating the same old dis-empowering phrases in your mind every day and get organized. Tell yourself a better story, reject the poison and just get on with it. Fear nothing but an ordinary life."

She said with a big smile on her face, "WOW no one has ever talked to me like that before. It's so simple! Thank you." I said, "and all professional certifications approved by the government and the mainstream system make sure no one will ever tell you anything to make your life better overnight. I get results in 2 hours with anyone I work with because I tell them the truth. Now get out there and make your best life happen. Make a move. Unplug from this entire mediocre system of rot, lack, poison and dis-empowerment. You weren't put here to be an out of shape, medicated, toxic, order following, screen watching, debt slave........you were meant for great things. The world wants your gift. In fact the world demands your gift. Rise up, keep rising and don't look back. Leave the self abuse behind. invite your best life in, make love to it and just keep rising. It's that simple."

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