Benefits of Grapefruit

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2020

My daughter actually loves grapefruit.  How many of you have children that enjoy grapefruit? 

There are some really great benefits of grapefruit that are actually proven with science. 

The first is that it is low calorie. So if you are on a "die-it" then this would be a great snack to have.  Its actually one of the lowest calorie but high nutrient dense foods out there.  Not only is it high in antioxidants but it contains 15 beneficial vitamins and minerals. 

It can also curb your appetite, which makes you eat less foods.  Thus helping you lose weight. It contains about 4 grams of fiber per medium sized grapefruit.  Fiber fills you up and is excellent for digestion. 

In a controlled study performed with 91 obese participants found that those that consumed grapefruit daily lost on average 3.5 lbs over 12 weeks compared to only 1 lbs lost in those that did not consume grapefruit. (1

Because of the high whole food vitamin C contained in grapefruit, it can also boost your immune system (2) This protects you from viruses and bacteria during the winter months.  It also contains Vitamin A which has been shown to protect agains inflammation and several infectious diseases (3)

Grapefruit is also good for diabetics because it has been shown to help prevent insulin resistance (4). 

What about the heart? It has been shown to help protect heart health as well. in a study, participants that ate 3 grapefruits per day for six weeks showed significant decrease in blood pressure, overall cholesterol levels including LDL cholesterol (5)

If you experience kidney stones you know that you never want to experience it again.  Well, grapefruit has been shown to reduce the chance of kidney stones. The citric acid contained in the grapefruit helps prevent the calcium from binding in the kidneys (6)

However, unfortunately this wonderful fruit is not for everyone.  If you are under chemical substances such as calcium blockers, immunosuppressants, benzodiazepines, and some statins you will want to consult your physician before consuming this amazing beneficial nutrient dense power fruit. 

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