$6,000.00 USD

Platinum Partner Sponsorship

Platinum Sponsor: At the Platinum sponsorship this is the ultimate gift and we would truly be blessed by your dedication to make this project a possibility. At this level of sponsorship we will be able to have product placement (if you have products to sell), your business logo on the website (if you have a business), Mention in the documentary Credits as a Platinum sponsor. This is a great investment for those that have healing services to spotlight your product and have access for people to seek you out for services on our website. This level of sponsorship is $6,000.
The donation period will end sometime in February. As soon as the production crew is able to provide better dates for editing We will post the final donation date. This will ensure those that are donating monetarily will be able to have the names and product placement on film.
Estimated release date for the film is March 2023.

This is a donation to the Subconscious Healer and is considered non-refundable.  You understand that you are willingly giving and will not ask for a refund. Amount of time for product placement in the film can not be guaranteed but will be shown during the film.